We all strive to have more money.  Having plenty of money gives so many more choices about how we live our lives—where we vacation or whether we can even afford a vacation, what kind of car we drive, where we live and work and what we do in our spare time. Yes, money can truly change our lives and our destiny. 

But can too much money always be a good thing?  We have all heard stories about lives being destroyed by instant fame and fortune.  Many family feuds have occurred over inheritances and many fights have broken out because of money.

What beliefs about money cause these and other negative circumstances to occur?

Is money something that should be hoarded and not shared with others?  Is there a limited supply of money?  Is money available to everyone?  Do you have to be lucky or inherit money to be rich?  Do you fear going bankrupt or living in poverty?  Or is being wealthy your right?  Is money good and necessary?  Is there an overflowing amount of abundance in the universe?  Is it easy to accumulate money and wealth?  

As far back as I can remember accumulating money was difficult.  Words like we can’t afford that, money doesn’t grow on trees, we have to wait until the end of the month, were all very common in our household.  Underlying beliefs that money corrupts and money is the root of all evil were prevalent as my parents had discussions about the “snake oil” salesmen dressed in expensive suits and driving fancy cars, who stopped by our place to sell their wares. 

Living on a farm in a small four-room house with my parents and five siblings displayed poverty in its finest form.  We didn’t have material possessions and certainly never experienced an abundance of money.  Life for my parents was difficult as they experienced one hardship after another.  Their home was destroyed by fire soon after they were married; they lived through drought and floods causing crop failures and bills accumulated as they could not meet their financial obligations.  This was how I believed life was supposed to unfold.

There was no financial training or guidance so as a young girl I never learned how to deal with money, how to budget, how to save, or how to acquire large sums of money.  Even though I dreamed of one day being very rich, I learned very quickly that if I wanted to become wealthy, I had to go to school and get a great education, get a well-paying job and start saving.  These were my parent’s beliefs which of course became my beliefs. 

I had no role models, I wasn’t very smart and life was full of challenges.  So then I had to just get out there and find work to pay my bills—this was my conditioning.  I worked for money instead of allowing the things that I love to do support the lifestyle I wanted and felt I deserved. 

It wasn’t until many years later, as an adult in my midlife that I became exposed to wealth and financial training and for the first time began to experience a taste of financial independence!  I earned a degree when all odds were against me, I landed a career of my dreams, and for the first time in my life felt happy about myself and others around me.

Freeing yourself from poverty and money worries and creating a constant flow of money into your life can be something you can easily achieve. You really can start attracting an unlimited supply of money to live the life you desire.

How is it that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer?  Is there some technique or some process that rich people use to increase their wealth?

To have financial abundance might seem like a dream to you right now, but it can be achieved if you believe it can be.  It all depends on your relationship with money and the beliefs you hold about money.  You can easily learn and apply proven steps to become a magnet to money and gain the financial abundance you truly desire.


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