Inspiring Women to Believe and Achieve

The “law of attraction” gurus tell us that controlling our thoughts and keeping them positive will improve “EVERY relationship” in our lives.

Have you ever felt stuck … and no matter how hard you TRIED to think positive, it just didn’t work?   Changing the relationships in your life is NOT simply a case of slapping a “happy face” sticker on top of everything.   If it were that easy, everybody would be happy, getting along with one another and there would be no fighting in the world, about control, money, sex, or children and careers.

So What’s Really Going On Here?

In my experience, positive thinking is only ONE DIMENSION of changing and improving our lives.   Despite our best efforts to “think positive”, the weight of old patterns keeps holding us back from the life of health, abundance and happiness we deserve.  Over time, old energies that keep us stuck get locked into our bodies… And the process is so subtle we often don’t even realize it.

So What’s The Answer?

You need a process that will help you change not only your conscious thoughts, but also the thoughts that are held in your subconscious – ones that you may not even realize exist.  The process should also dissolve negative emotions that hold you back from realizing your full potential.   The process must address and clear ALL aspects of your mind, not just your thinking brain. The Results Method does just that.

The Results Method emerged after many years of searching for the right process to help me get what I wanted out of life.  I left each training course and each workshop with a little more knowledge and skill, each one a little different in its approach.  So as I tried to overcome my own limitations and self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions and create a better life for myself, I found myself using many different modalities never quite sure which one was most beneficial.  All were good but each one had unique advantages   So instead of using just one process, I combined the different modalities into something that worked for me – and now I would like to share.

Some of the modalities I refer to include Psych-K developed by Rob Williams, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping developed by Gary Craig,  and Trauma Resolution training by Tom Stone, among others.  The most influential and impactful training that I have received to date is called the MAP MethodTM which I describe in my list of services.

The Results Method is a comprehensive approach for developing goals and overcoming the barriers that stop you from accomplishing those goals.   It takes into account:

  • Thoughts and beliefs and belief changing processes
  • Working with the Conscious/subconscious minds
  • Emotional Trauma including PTSD, anxiety, stress
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Personal Experiences, and more.

To experience this life changing process or for more information, please contact me.