Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a structured process consisting of a series of private and confidential sessions which allow you to proactively develop your own skills to manage an actual or potential conflict

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Group Procceses

Group Facilitation encompasses a variety of processes designed to bring a group together for a specific purpose—usually to discuss a situation and to develop a plan of action.  It is designed to include all members of a team or group with the intent that everyone is involved in the outcome.

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Mediation is a process for resolving disputes in which two or more parties voluntarily work together to resolve their differences with the assistance of an impartial third party.  Mediation is useful in a wide array of conflicts, when emotions have eased enough that parties can communicate with each other and/or work together to reach a settlement.

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The use of Trauma Resolution techniques has demonstrated that relief from anxiety, stress, and worry can occur within minutes of learning and using them.  Although they are probably very different from anything you’ve experienced in the past, the tools are quite easy to learn and apply.  Once you begin practicing the techniques, a whole new world will open up to you, allowing you to experience more joy, fulfillment, and success than you ever thought possible.

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Training is nothing new. Organizations spend millions every year on it.

What’s different with my training is that people use and apply it in their dailiy lives. I specialize in helping people with Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution Skills that improve the workplace morale and the student’s lives in general. My Third Party Facilitator training provides the skills so you are better able to keep processes and projects moving ahead. And my Trauma Resolution Training uses my Results Method to better equip you to think clearly and handle the situations you face.

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