Conflict Coaching

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching is a structured process consisting of a series of private and confidential sessions which allow you to proactively develop your own skills to manage an actual or potential conflict

What you can expect from your Conflict Coach?

  • Help in discovering and understanding the underlying factors that are contributing to the dispute
  • An opportunity to move through any challenges you experience when dealing with conflict
  • An exploration of personal triggers and an opportunity to resolve the barriers to having a productive discussion
  • Re-examine your assumptions about the conflict and explore the other’s point of view
  • Have a better understanding of how you deal with conflict, and strengthen your conflict resolution skills

What are the Benefits of using a Conflict Coach?

  • Helps you prepare for a difficult conversation
  • Helps you to resolve a specific conflict
  • Helps you to improve your skills in conflict resolution
  • Helps you to reduce stress, anxiety, and work towards having healthier relationships in every area of your life.

How does conflict coaching work?

  • I work with you to clarify the goal or objective you want to achieve over a series of four to six sessions
  • I assist you in getting to the core issues and overcoming the barriers to achieve your goals
  • I assist you in developing a strategy and taking action to achieve your goals
  • The process is easy, quick, with permanent results
  • I work with you either in person or by phone

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