Group Processes

Group Facilitation

Group Facilitation encompasses a variety of processes designed to bring a group together for a specific purpose—usually to discuss a situation and to develop a plan of action.  It is designed to include all members of a team or group with the intent that everyone is involved in the outcome.  Group Facilitation is led by a neutral consultant whose main function is to ensure that the process remains productive, meets the needs of the group and that everyone has equal opportunity to participate.  Group Processes that I facilitate are structured in a circle format.

Transformational Teambuilding

Transformational Teambuilding is a 2-day circle process used to solve any problem in a group that hinders the capacity of the team to be high performing.   The process is always requested by the leader and involves all members of a group / groups that are impacted by the situation and the outcomes.  Since the problem is owned by the team, the premise is that the team is empowered to make decisions and the facilitator is there to guide the process.  This process is appropriate for groups of approximately 4 – 30 members.

What you can expect from a Group Process?

  • Intake or Data Gathering to determine appropriateness
  • Circle Process where all members are invited and encouraged to participate
  • The group brings the topics or issues to be resolved
  • The group chooses what to discuss and what they want to accomplish
  • The group develops action steps to take back to the working environment
  •  A compassionate, competent, and committed facilitator that is grounded in the philosophies of self-empowerment and self-determination

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