What is training?

Training is nothing new. Organizations spend millions every year on it.

What’s different with my training is that people use and apply it in their dailiy lives. I specialize in helping people with Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution Skills that improve the workplace morale and the student’s lives in general. My Third Party Facilitator training provides the skills so you are better able to keep processes and projects moving ahead. And my Trauma Resolution Training uses my Results Method to better equip you to think clearly and handle the situations you face.

Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution Training

I have designed and delivered communication skills and conflict resolution training to adult learners of various ranks within Canadian Forces / Department of National Defence for the last 5 years.  As well, since 2002 through private contracts, I have worked with clients to provide employees the tools to help them deal with conflict in the workplace.  I am currently contracted by ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA) to deliver interest based training in their Conflict Resolution certificate program.  ADRIA is one of the primary institutions in Alberta that offers a certificate program in Conflict Resolution.

What you can expect from Conflict Resolution Training?

  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution
  • Theory and concepts of resolving conflict
  • Learn and apply active listening and assertiveness skills
  • Practical application of leading a one-on-one conversation with someone in conflict

What you can expect from Third-Party Facilitator Training?

  • Introduction to Facilitating a Conflict Situation
  • Theory and Concepts of  being a Facilitator
  • Review and Apply Skills of Active Listening and Assertiveness
  • Practical Application for facilitating a conversation between two people in conflict

Trauma Resolution Training

20 years of working with the subconscious belief system through different modalities has allowed me to develop a process – Results Method – that quickly releases or dissolves anger, anxiety, and other emotional stresses such as fears about not being good enough, fears about money and not having it, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorders) and more.  The process allows individuals to dissolve their emotional fears and anxiety so they can feel good about themselves and others, and remain in the presence of their adversary without being triggered or emotionally charged.   When individuals are not emotionally impacted, they are much better equipped to think clearly, and logically handle any situation they face.

What can you expect from Trauma Resolution Training?

  • Learn about the theory behind subconscious beliefs
  • Learn about anger and how to defuse it
  • Learn a process to identify emotional barriers and self-limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to create a goal and remove barriers preventing the achievement of that goal and take action

Training dates for 2020 to be announced late 2019. 

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