Starving Yourself is NOT the Answer!

It can be 5 pounds or it can be 40 pounds, whatever your weight loss goals may be, you need to keep it realistic and simple. 

It will be a lot easier to implement and follow gradual simple changes and keep it up long-term. 

Here are 4 simple steps to start off your weight loss journey:

  1. Drink Water

The elixir or life – and it has no calories!  Replace your sugary drink intake with water. This simple weight loss step can eliminate many more calories than you may think.  And if you can, add a slice of lemon for flavor.  

  1. Eat breakfast

In fact, eat a high-protein breakfast to jump start your day and your metabolism! You do not need to eat breakfast as soon as you get up, however you do need to eat within an hour of your wake up time. Choose a high-protein option to keep you going longer.  This will help in controlling your urges for high calorie munchies throughout the day. 

  1. Plan for snacks

Yes, you need to eat HEALTHY snacks throughout the day. Not only will this control your cravings, it will help you not overeat at meal times. Plan for snacks mid-morning, mid-afternoon and after supper. 

  1. Portion control

If you have applied steps 1 to 3, portion control should be a bit easier. Do you know what a true serving size is? Actually, it may be smaller than you think! Your best guide is the nutrition fact on food labels.  

These few tips are a good starting point!  Remember, it takes 4 days to develop a routine.  This may be the jump start to your weight loss journey! 

Next Steps: Let’s talk about how you can help yourself become a happier person by achieving your weight management goals quickly!  Click HERE to find out more! 

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