Stop Fighting…Learn how to talk your way into the relationship of your dreams in only 4 weeks!

    • Have you ever been in an argument in which no one seems to be listening?
    • Do you find your partner or loved one zoning out when you are talking to them?
    • Have you been given the silent treatment from someone you love?

Good communication is fundamental in ANY relationship, especially an intimate or work relationship.

Learn how to talk your way into the relationship Of your dreams in only 4 weeks!
Distance doesn’t keep people apart - the lack of communication does!

Has this ever happened to you?

Learn how to talk your way into the relationship Of your dreams in only 4 weeks!

Did you know that the success of your relationship is determined by how well you can communicate your needs and effectively listen to your partner’s needs?

Miscommunication, and lack of understanding leads to conflict and confrontation; this will potentially poison your relationship.

The constant changes in the world as well as values-based differences in today’s society makes conflict more likely, both in your workplace and at home.

If you are unable to identify and share your feelings and ask for what you want, conflict escalates and the chance for resolution diminishes. Instead of listening to one another, you both put up barriers and nothing gets accomplished.

Learn how to become a Master Communicator
in 4 weeks or less!

Effective communication is a combination of skills and approaches that ideally require each person to learn and apply them consistently.

Learn how to talk your way into the relationship Of your dreams in only 4 weeks!

Even if you are the only one who has developed good communication habits, the dynamics of your conversations can change, saving your relationship from hours of misunderstandings, disagreements, and conflict.

HI, I’m Gloria Lechky and over the past 30 years I have worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life and helped them improve their communication and conflict resolution skills!  I have helped stay-at-home moms, co-workers, and corporate leaders learn the fundamentals of listening and speaking effectively.  And I can help you too!

I heard students say things like:

    • “Why don’t they teach this stuff in school?”
    • “Everybody should take this training.”
    • “My spouse definitely needs to take this course.”

They also say:

    • “This is the best course I have ever taken.”
    • “I sure wish I had this information before I had the fight with Joe.”

This training will Change your Life!

In this 4-week (16 hour) Relationship Mastery training you will:

    1. Discover how to resolve arguments without losing your cool
    2. Explore new ways to communicate with others, especially those closest to you
    3. Recognize difficult behaviors in yourself and others and what to do about them
    4. And much more!

Course Dates:

    • October 5, 7, 12,14, 19, 21, 26 & 28

Course Structure:

Each of the 2-hour sessions will begin at 1:00 PM Mountain (3:00 PM Eastern) via Zoom.  All sessions will be recorded and placed in the member section for your review and future reference

Learn how to talk your way into the relationship Of your dreams in only 4 weeks!

Relationship Mastery Course

Yes, I’m ready to change my life and discover new ways to communicate, recognize difficult behaviors, and resolve conflicts in my life.

Course Includes:

  • 16 hours of instruction
  • A course manual with exercises
  • An opportunity to practice what you learn in a safe environment
  • Unlimited Access* to the Course Materials and Recordings.



* We’d like to say “lifetime access” but our attorney’s won’t let us because we can’t realistically promise “forever” to anyone. We can say you will have access as long as our site is online.

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