The Ace Study – The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

ACE Study is a massive scientific study done at Kaiser-Permanente in San Diego, California with over 17,000 Kaiser Members.  The study correlates the number of categories of childhood traumas to the occurrence of adult behavioural and physical health problems.  This study quantifies what many of us intuitively know, that unresolved emotional traumas are the basis of a great many health problems.

The study also quantifies the correlation between the extent of childhood traumas and the occurrence of behavioural disorders (addictions) and organic diseases.  It is clear that the problem of unresolved emotional pain and trauma is the underlying cause of addictions, such as smoking, drug and alcohol abuse and any behaviour that contributes to unhealthy relationships such as using power, control, and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse for self-fulfillment. Read more about the ACE Study.

The good news is that there is now a way to resolve all these issues, easily and permanently using Trauma Resolution Techniques.  

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